Dr. Lokesh Maan

Vast experience in the field of Respiratory Medicine,  Critical Care and Pulmonary Intervention like Video Bronchoscopy and THORACOSCOPY. 

Dr Maan has expertise and performed more than 1500 Video Bronchoscopy in routine including More than 100 Bronchoscopy in Critical patients in ICU , Foreign Body removal,  central Airways disorder. 

Dr Lokesh maan is well known  Pulmonologist in Rajasthan who performing Thoracoscopy for pleural diseases.

Dr Maan is able to deal Critically ill Respiratory failure patients and saved many Critical Chest patients.

Expertise: COPD, ASTHMA,  PNEUMONIA,  TUBERCULOSIS Infections,  Cough,  Breathing disorder,  Allergic Respiratory Problems,  lung mass, Hemoptysis.

Dr. Lokesh Maan
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