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Welton Hospital in Jaipur uses a state-of-the-art technique to truly satisfy patients with orthopedic needs including joint replacement surgery. Our specialists curb patients of any age suffering from musculoskeletal and Joint dysfunction, injuries, and also specialize in knee and hip conditions. Hip or knee joint Welton Hospital in Jaipur provides hip or knee joint replacement on an outpatient basis. This means we allow you to recover in your abode immediately after the surgery. 

Joint Replacement is a surgery that many people go through to relieve their chronic joint pain or better joint mobility when other non-surgical treatments became hopeless. If the person is suffering from enduring joint pain, and a limited range of motion, then joint replacement surgery is recommended to restore the quality of life and bring things good again. 

There are various types of joint surgeries, and the surgery is depend based on the symptoms and the joint affected. Below are the most common types of joint replacement surgery they are-

Total Joint Replacement Surgery in Jaipur:

Total Replacement include detaching parts of all the damaged joint and then later reversing it with artificial implants. Joint replacement surgery is essential in improving mobility and providing pain relief. It is recommended for advanced arthritis or injury. Knee, shoulder, and hip are some of the common joint replacement surgeries. The surgery involves minimal invasive methods, and also uses smaller incisions to avoid any type of discomfort.  

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Jaipur: 

An anterior hip replacement is a new technique to implant a hip replacement through minimally invasive methods. This includes muscle-sparing instead of muscle splitting, the process allows the patients speedy recovery and few restrictions on day-to-day activities after surgery. 

Another one is Partial Hip Replacement which includes removing the femoral head, not the acetabulum. This surgery is mostly recommended for older patients who are suffering from a hip fracture or when the socket is healthy. 

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Jaipur:

Shoulder Replacement is where the position of the ball and socket in the joint are switched and replaced with artificial parts. A prosthetic ball by the opting surgical method is attached at the shoulder blade, thereafter, the artificial socket is built at the top of the upper arm bone. Replacing the place of the ball and socket allows the shoulder to bypass the damaged tendons and muscles, and instead utilize the muscles at the top of the arm and shoulder. This helps to balance the shoulder joint and restore pain-free motion or function.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery:

Knee Surgery is split into two they are-

• Partial Knee Replacement:

The knee joint is split into three compartments 1. Lateral 2. Medical 3. Patellofemoral. If the problem affects only one or two compartments of the knee, then partial knee replacement is suggested, which involves replacing damaged tissue, implanting artificial parts into the affected compartment of the knee, and resurfacing existing areas. 

• Robotic Knee Surgery:

A state-of-the-art surgical procedure that utilizes the NAVIO system for either partial or total knee replacement surgery. Here surgery is carried out by using robotic assistance to remove facets or all of the knee joint through prosthetic implants. The robotic instruments work more effectively to bend and rotate than the human hand to promote vision, precision, control during this minimally invasive method, moreover, healthy structures covering the area remain unharmed.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the most common joint replacement? 

Hip and knee surgery are the most common joint replacement surgeries. However, replacement surgeries for other joints like ankle replacement and shoulder replacement are also possible. 

 2. What is the most common complication after joint replacement? 

One of the most common and severe complications after joint replacement is the blood clots like Deep Vein Thrombosis which is the blood clot in the leg, and Pulmonary Embolus is the clot that breaks and travels to the lungs. 

3. What is the most difficult joint replacement surgery? 

Shoulder replacement is considered one of the most challenging joint replacement surgery as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to make your life happy and painless like before. 

Joint replacement surgery
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